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Sterling Hill Mining Museum

Superb museum at Sterling Hill

Opened in 1990, the Sterling Hill Mining Museum provides the visitor with some extraordinary opportunities. Large mining equipment is on outdoor display, and minerals and mine-related items are shown inside the museum building. Underground mine tours are conducted daily. These include the Rainbow Tunnel, a remarkable in-situ fluorescent mineral display. In May of 1997, an even larger underground fluorescent exhibit opened at Sterling Hill: the Landmesser Tunnel. This features over 100 feet of brilliant, in-place fluorescent mineral display -- an incredible sight!

In 1999 a new Museum was inaugurated at Sterling Hill: the Thomas S. Warren Museum of Fluorescence. See their new website for further information.

sterling landmesser 1.jpg (59386 bytes)

The Landmesser tunnel at Sterling Hill, lit by short-wave ultraviolet lights overhead. Partial view looking south.

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Sterling Hill Mining Museum. View inside part of the Exhibit Hall.

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Mine Office, Sterling Hill Mining Museum. View looking north and east. Ore loading bins and conveyor system in background.

Grounds of the Sterling Hill Mining Museum. View looking south and west. Ore loading bins and conveyor system, leading to the top of Sterling Hill, is visible in the background. Entrance is out of view to the right (on Passaic Street).

Sterling Hill. View looking west and north. Entrance to underground mine tours is through the green doors (lower left) leading to the main adit.

sh headframe 1.jpg (20273 bytes)

Headframe of the Sterling mine. View atop Sterling Hill looking north and west.

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Dick Hauck explaining an area near the Landmesser Tunnel to visitors, inside Sterling Hill.

The Rainbow Tunnel, inside the Sterling mine, lit by ultraviolet light. Photo by Henry van Lenten.

Telephone: (973) 209-7212.

Schedule: Open nearly year-round; closed in mid-winter. Call for schedule details.

Address: 30 Plant Street, Ogdensburg, New Jersey, 07439. Visitors enter from Passaic Street.

Click here to visit the official Website for the Sterling Hill Mining Museum.

The Sterling Hill Mining Museum's curator can be contacted here: shmm@sterlinghill.org

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